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Character Name: Helena Harper
Canon: Resident Evil 6
Canon Point: Post Leon's Epilogue
Background/History: "Why did this have to happen?"
Previous Game History: n/a.

Introduced as a mysterious Secret Service agent, Helena's motivations are immediately questionable; she claims to be guilty for the death of President Benford, who had succumbed to a virus only moments earlier and been shot by Leon, expressing a want to be incarcerated so that she may atone for her crime. Agent Hunnigan, an agent of the FOS and contact of both Leon and Helena, reassures Leon that she means no harm and vouches for her capabilities. Helena claims that she will explain everything when they reach the cathedral; when prompted why she doesn't just spill the beans, she says it will be 'easier to show him' and that 'he'll have all the proof he needs'.

Truthfully, Helena is a woman with strong convictions and morals. Always out to fight for justice and do what is right, she has a go-getter attitude and likes to handle things on her own. Previous to the game, she worked in some form of law enforcement, and, while investigating a series of murders, she solely tracked down the killer. However, Helena is the type to live in the moment and allow her emotions to get the best of her; she is extremely impulsive, garnering her energy from split decisions and whims. She used 'excessive force' with the suspect, which followed with her suspension from the force. However, due to her raw talent and conviction, she was referred to the Secret Service. Helena is emotional, and despite being a very steely, powerful woman, she isn't the type to conceal what she's feeling; she will openly cry in front of Leon, such as when they are forced to kill her sister.

A woman with such powerful, black and white morals can have a difficult time when put in a situation where her loyalties conflict; this is exactly what happened to Helena only a few days before the start of the game. Knowing that she was meant to be President Benford's bodyguard, Derek Simmons kidnapped Helena and her sister, Deborah, who was to be used for incentive. She was to sabotage President Benford's speech at an Ivy League school, and, if she didn't, they would infect her sister. She reluctantly agreed. However, she felt such guilt for what she had done, that she betrayed Simmons, ran to her fellow Secret Service members and warned them. However, they doubted her intentions due to her past actions and failed to carry out Benford's evacuation in a timely manner. As a result, he, as well as the rest of the school's student body and staff, were infected, and in Helena's eyes, it was all her fault. It was a definitive jab to her conscience, and she was prepared to take full responsibility for it.

A good way to describe Helena and her interactions with others is that of a 'loyalist'; she is quick to be suspicious of others and their own motives, and prefers to stick to her own agency, along with the select few that she feels she can confide in. For a long time, the only one she felt she could do this with was with her sister, who is cited to be her only remaining family member. Fiercely protective of her, she would do anything to save her from her fate and being involved with the carnage and chaos that comes with zombies. For a while, she even is apprehensive to let Leon in, giving him a cold shoulder at times and being very vague. By the end of the game, though, she realizes that Leon is a person she can trust, as well as a life long companion; she even goes so far to give him dating advice and get involved with his personal life. Helena is a good friend to have, it just takes a while for you to climb to that status. This can extend to 'friends of friends'. Though initially distrustful of Ada, she comes to place some form of faith and confidence in her because she seems to be connected to Leon somehow.

In many ways, during the course of Leon's campaign, she acts as a foil to Ada. Ada, who is more calm, collected, and with elusive morals and motivations, is almost the exact opposite from the brash Helena, who wears her heart on her sleeve and proudly proclaims her goals. As such, they can clash a bit, though in the end, they work together because of their common goal as well as shared trust in Leon.

Even though she has seen murders and cruelty in her line of work fairly frequently, nothing had prepared her for facing actual zombies. She is still a rookie, having only been in the Secret Service for a year at the start of the game. As such, she reacts incredulously to the chaos, often disbelievingly claiming that it 'Can't be real' and questioning why it had to happen.

Her fear and uneasiness at dealing with zombies and high stakes situations does not cause her to relent, however. Helena has an unflappable will and fierce determination. Extremely goal oriented, she will stop at nothing to attain what she needs to. For half of Leon's campaign, she is solely focused on getting to the cathedral, to the point that she gets angry with Leon whenever he stops to handle something she feels is fruitless, like attempting to save people being attacked by zombies. For the rest of the game, she is focused on her vengeance against Derek Simmons, as well as stopping him from his all-out B.O.W genocide.

In the end, Helena is not one to ever betray her convictions. In the epilogue, which takes place some months after the events in Tall Oaks, she is still prepared to lose her position with the Secret Service and take full blame. She wasn't even going to fight for her position back. If it weren't for Leon and Hunnigan, who pleaded for her to be exonerated of her 'crimes', she would be without a job with the government. Helena is a capable person, one who draws strength from her weaknesses, and someone who has deliberate principles. Not even the death of her sister nor a zombie outbreak can change that.

Abilities/Powers: While Helena is a normal human with normal human capabilities and limits, she does have a few abilities not everyone shares; as a secret service agent, she is trained and proficient at marksmanship with various weapons, from shotguns, to sniper rifles, to basic handguns. She has heightened stamina and endurance, able to run at high speeds and enact highly acrobatic wrestling moves, like drop kicks. Physically and mentally, she is in top condition, and the secret files even cite that she was at the top of her class and first choice for the CIA.
Sample Entry: dear_mun thread!
Sample Entry Two:

The first thing that had occurred to Helena when she woke up was to yank her PDA out of her pocket. "Hunnig— What?" She murmured. Amidst her adrenaline rush, she had failed to notice initially that this cell phone was not her PDA. No, instead it was a dingy, beat up smart phone — nothing like her high-tech, government issued one. "Ugh. What the hell's going on?" She slams the phone down on a nearby coffee table, then slides back down to the bed, placing her head in her hands.

She had to say, never in her short time with the Secret Service had she been truly alone on a mission. Whether it be virtual support through Hunnigan, spiritual support through Deborah, or physical support through Leon, she always had someone there to help her along. This was different, unsettling. It also wasn't a mission. It didn't take a genius to realize she'd been kidnapped. She was just about tired of kidnapping, though. What reason could it be for this time?

In the end, Helena resolved to find the answers to these questions instead of sit and ponder them.

They'd taken all her weapons, even her concealed sidearm, so first order of business was to find some manner of protection. Slipping into the kitchen area, she rummages through drawers and cabinets. "Not a damn kitchen knife in sight." She sighs, placing he hands on her hips firmly. It looked like she'd have to rely on her fists for the time being.

Inching towards the door, there's a moment of apprehension as she reaches for the knob, slowly pushing it open. She takes a tentative step outside, then turns to both her sides. "An.. apartment building? A pretty shanty one." This was certainly not what she was expecting. "This time, we'll play by my rules." She could go by her gut instinct, and not have to worry about Hunnigan scolding her, or something happening to whoever was accompanying her. She was alone, and maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.


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